Publicist: Phanar head received schismatics from Ukraine back in 1992

Newspaper publication about the meeting of Pat. Bartholomew with the UAOC delegation. Photo: a screenshot of Alexander Voznesensky's Facebook post.

Patriarch Bartholomew from the very beginning of his patriarchy relied on schismatics in Ukraine, Orthodox blogger Alexander Voznesensky believes.

In 1992, Patriarch Bartholomew received in Istanbul a delegation of schismatics of the UAOC, headed by the "patriarch" Mstislav (Skrypnik), which may indicate his long-standing plans to seize church power in Ukraine and a stake on schismtics, Alexander Voznesensky, an Orthodox publicist and blogger, wrote on his Facebook page.

He publishes a photo of a newspaper publication about the meeting of the Phanar head with the delegation of the UAOC on May 8, 1992, and writes: “In October 1991, Bartholomew Archondonis became Patriarch of Constantinople. In Ukraine, at this time, the Uniates were seizing parishes in Western Ukraine. Filaret Denisenko during this period was still the Metropolitan of Kiev. And now, it turns out, after half a year of his patriarchy, Bartholomew received a delegation of schismatics from the UAOC, led by Mstislav Skrypnyk – the one who during the Second World War demonstrated a big hatred for Jews, fawning on the Nazis.

Voznesensky believes that from the very beginning of his patriarchy Bartholomew counted on suppressing the canonical Church in Ukraine and immediately began negotiations, relying on schismatics and developing enmity against the ROC.

A screenshot of Alexander Voznesensky's Facebook post.


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