Turkish historian speaks about danger of pro-American Phanar’s actions

Mehmet Perincek on the air of the "People" media project on the "112 Ukraine" TV channel. Photo: video screenshot 112.ua

According to Perincek, Phanar’s activities, which went beyond religion, not only do not reflect the interests of the Orthodox but pose a threat to peace in the region.

The Phanar and Patriarch Bartholomew that are officially subordinate to the Turkish state, are in fact under the complete control of the United States and the CIA and their activities pose a great threat to peace in the region. Turkish historian, political scientist Mehmet Perincek said this on the air of the "People" media project on the "112 Ukraine" TV channel.

“It must be emphasized that the actions of the Patriarchate (of Constantinople – Ed.) are not the will of the Turkish state,” Perincek noted. “This Patriarchate, Bartholomew and others, are under the full control of the United States and the CIA. They have very close ties with the CIA and they even have a close relationship with the terrorist organization of Fetullah Güllen. You may have heard they oppose Turkey's interests and even they tried to organize a coup d'état five years ago in Turkey. And these people also have close ties with this organization. Therefore, the Patriarchate of the Phanar never presents the will of Turkey and the Turkish people."

According to the expert, the activities of the Patriarchate of Constantinople have gone beyond religion and can spoil Turkey's relations with other states, since "officially this Patriarchate is subordinate to the Turkish state, but they execute the orders of the United States, not of the Turkish state or the Turkish people, and even of non-Orthodox people of Turkey." 

“They pursue a pure pro-American policy that is against the interests of Turkish Orthodox people, and not only Turkish, and other Orthodox people around the world. And therefore, the interference of the Patriarchate of Bartholomew in the internal affairs of other states and other countries cannot be taken as friendly relations with Turkey. And therefore, other countries may perceive all these activities as Turkey's activities, and this can spoil Turkey's relations with Ukraine or with Russia and so on. And therefore, I believe that such activities of the Patriarchate are very dangerous for peace in our region,” explained Mehmet Perincek.

As reported earlier, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal promised Patriarch Bartholomew full administrative support for the OCU, including "transfers" of temples of the canonical UOC.

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