Shostatsky: Presbyteras and kliros prevent priests from joining OCU

"Hierarch" of the OCU Simeon (Shostatsky). Photo: Facebook of the Vinnitsa-Bar Eparchy of the OCU

The priests of the UOC do not go to the OCU because they are afraid of the opinion of the kliros and presbyteras, the "hierarch" of the OCU believes.

Ex-Metropolitan Simeon (Shostatsky) in an interview with RISU said that presbyteras and the kliros prevent the priests from moving to the OCU.

“The priests in the parishes saw that not everyone supported the transition to the new Church. First of all, it is those who constantly listen to the priest and his words,” said Shostatsky. “Who's that? The kliros ... You know, if the kliros does not come, the priest himself will not sing the Liturgy."

Also, the "hierarch" considers presbyteras (matushkas), who have read about Russian Orthodoxy, a serious obstacle for the transfer of priests to the OCU.

“There is one more side. Certain presbyteras. They have already read so much about "Russian Orthodoxy" that they are sure that the way out of it is death and the end of the world. And where the priests agreed to move, the disagreement of their wives stopped the process. Even some priests who moved to the OCU now have problems with their wives, relatives, and parents because of this,” he added.

As reported earlier, Dumenko said why eparchies and monasteries of the UOC do not transfer to the OCU.


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