Expert: Phanar head's arrival to Ukraine will be Poroshenko's triumph

Political analyst Dmitry Dzhangirov. Photo: screenshot of First Cossack youtube channel

Poroshenko will be the main triumphant about Pat. Bartholomew's arrival to Ukraine, for Zelensky's electorate it’s a foreign issue, Dmitry Dzhangirov believes.

Political analyst Dmitry Dzhangirov in an interview with the First Cossack youtube channel said that if Patriarch Bartholomew arrives in Ukraine, it will be a big moment for former Ukrainian President Poroshenko, not Vladimir Zelensky, who invited the head of Phanar to the country.

"Petro Poroshenko will be the main triumphant and, moreover, he will find lobbyists both in Ukraine and outside; there will be a festivity of the ex-president and his ‘church’, while Zelensky will be a ‘back-up dancer’. Moreover, this (agenda – editor’s note) is alien to Zelensky's bulk electorate. His electorate, at the very least, will not mobilize for this and will not vote for Zelensky," said the political analyst.

"We've been through a couple of unions. Bartholomews, Poroshenkos and Zelenskys come and go, but the Church remains. The Church is a certain code, which they will still try to break ..., but  it's the same as saying to the devil ‘do not tempt’ ... Someone imposes an idea on him (Zelensky – editor’s note) that it is necessary to invite Bartholomew to Ukraine, Zelensky could not think of it himself, someone suggests him this is a political move,” added Djangirov.

As the UOJ previously wrote, Poroshenko reported to the head of the Phanar about the repairs at St. Andrew's church.

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