"Сonsecration" of "icons" with Ukraine-Keeper in OCU recalled on Net

"Consecration" of the plaster bas-relief "Memorial icon for those who died for independent Ukraine" in the Cathedral of the OCU in Zaporozhye, 2019. Photo: forpost.media

Representatives of the OCU in Zaporizhzhie "consecrated" the bas-relief "Memorial icon for those who died for independent Ukraine" with the yellow-blue sprinkler.

The web recalled how the "priests" of the OCU "consecrated" a plaster bas-relief named " Memorial icon for those who died for independent Ukraine ", which instead of the Mother of God depicts "Ukraine-Bereginya" (Ukraine-Keeper) embracing a warrior. A video about the event at the OCU Cathedral in Zaporizhzhie was published in 2019 on the YouTube channel TV5 TV.

“The triumph of the cult of non-Christianity. <...> The feeling of a circus, but it's not even a circus, but a mockery of both the Church and Ukraine, ugly imitation, paganism in new clothes," wrote writer-publicist Miroslava Berdnik on January 12 on her Telegram channel after watching the video about the "consecration" of a bas-relief created by a Ukrainian woman living in Italy. At the same time, the "priest" of the OCU used a yellow-blue sprinkler.

Berdnik noted that the bas-relief, which the “priests” placed on the analogue, “depicts instead of the Mother of God ‘Mother Ukraine – Mother-Keeper’, which embraces the deceased ‘defender of Ukraine’- judging by the image”.

“Around are depicted: St. Sofia of Kyiv, the bombed-out airport of Donetsk with a yellow-blue flag on the tower, a candle of memory, battles of ancient times, in which Ukrainians took part, “Kobzar” lying on top of the Bible, thereby showing what is more important. Disregard for the Holy Spirit. Instead of prayers – the words "Glory to Ukraine! - Glory to the Heroes", "Heroes do not die, they turn into constellations and hold the sky for us," explained Miroslava Berdnik, attaching screenshots from the video for clarity.

We note that for the entire time since the publication of the video on YouTube, it has not received a single approving comment. According to Internet users, this is the "bottom" and even "not sectarianism, but in general, the devil knows what".

As reported, in Ivano-Frankivsk, OCU "priests" sang "our Father Bandera”.”.

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