Mass media: Ukraine set to introduce "citizens' rating" for total control

13 January 2021 12:42
Ukraine wants to introduce a total digital control. Photo: Ukraine wants to introduce a total digital control. Photo:

The Verkhovna Rada is developing a project that may legitimize state control over different spheres of life of Ukrainians.

Ukraine may soon have a single database of citizens, which contains the accumulated information from various sources about each Ukrainian, which will enable the authorities to establish a total "digital dictatorship", Vesti reports.

Social rating of the citizens will be formed on the basis of the collected data in the register. The social rating system of China, where the Single Information Body analyzes people according to 160 criteria, was taken as an example. If a person has a low rating, he can be fired from civil service, denied a lease, not given a loan, etc. One can lose a rating, for example, for the failure to pay taxes and fines, smoking in public places and transport, violation of traffic rules, participation in protests against the authorities or an angry post in social networks.

According to the publication's sources in the Ukrainian parliament, a corresponding draft is already being developed in the Verkhovna Rada.

"The new draft could institutionalize public control over different spheres of human life. It appears as an assessment of citizens on various parameters like the social credit system in China. Points will be added for one’s useful social activities such as donating, volunteering which is not regulated at the moment, participating in social projects such as developing social budgets, or paying back loans on time. On the contrary, points will be deducted for fines, debts in various areas, including alimony and tax evasion. As a result, it will be more difficult for a person to get a job, take a loan or even go abroad. All this will be possible when all the databases, which are already available in Ukraine, are united in a single database," one of the MPs told the newspaper, adding that such ideas are now being discussed "so terms and effects are still unknown."

According to some reports, these ideas will be embodied in the new Civil Code.

As noted by lawyer Ivan Lieberman, "with the introduction of more and more new databases, the freedom of Ukrainians will be limited to only one 'kitchen'. Everything will be tracked; all the data will be integrated in the Single State Register, access to which will be available to any random person. <...> With these databases, when they are united, it will be possible to learn about the entire history of the activity of people by the "one click" movement and based on the data – to assign a person and, accordingly, restrict them in obtaining benefits.

Earlier the UOJ wrote that the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church opposed total digital control over the person.

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