Chancellor of UOC: Phanar is an instrument of big geopolitics

08 January 2021 16:18
Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich). Photo: video screenshot from YouTube channel 112 Ukraine Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich). Photo: video screenshot from YouTube channel 112 Ukraine

Metropolitan Anthony explained how believers should react to what is happening today around the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Phanar, which promotes the OCU, is an instrument of great geopolitics, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church understands its task. Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), Chancellor of the UOC, Metropolitan of Boryspil and Brovary, said this in an interview that aired on the 112 Ukraine TV channel as part of the Christmas TV marathon “People” on January 7, 2021.

The hierarch noted that having legalized the schismatic movement in Ukraine, “Phanar certainly made a big mistake,” and even if it realizes it, now “it needs to force, compel other Local Churches to somehow legalize this offence.”

“But how can lawlessness be legalized? One just has to hang some kind of blindfold on their eyes so that white looks black or vice versa,” he stressed.

In addition, the Metropolitan pointed to the personal responsibility of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople for the lawlessness that occurred in Ukraine in relation to the UOC over the past years – forceful seizures of temples, beatings of priests and believers, "such a mountain of lies and actions against the UOC."

“All the lawlessness was caused, in particular, and, perhaps, first of all, because Patriarch Bartholomew wanted to assert himself, and to start his idea of being the Pope of the Orthodox with the implementation of the ‘Ukrainian issue’, Ukrainian Orthodoxy,” he noted. “Unfortunately, this is a part of big geopolitics, where Phanar is only a tool, as we see now. Because even the officials of other states declare that the creation of the OCU and its recognition at the level of other Orthodox Churches takes place only under the political pressure of our overseas friends. Unfortunately, Patriarch Bartholomew took on such a responsibility."

The UOC Chancellor specified how the believers of the UOC should react to all this: “You have to be a faithful child of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – the Church created by God Himself.”

“This faith came to us through Prince Vladimir, and our Church is the flesh and blood of our people. We live on our own land. Even if we accept the words of Patriarch Bartholomew that he tolerates His Beatitude and bishops, of whom there are more than a hundred, does he also tolerate Ukrainians, our multimillion flock? In our native land? Where is the logic here? This, of course, is some kind of ivory tower. But when there is a certain political or other expediency, we know that such paradoxes and absurdities, unfortunately, occur in history sometimes, but we will survive them. God never allows us to endure more than we can, never lets His Church be mocked and will always find a way to protect Her. The main thing is that we correctly perceive what is happening,” he stressed.

We will remind that earlier Metropolitan Anthony explained why the UOC considers the visit of the Patriarch of Constantinople to Ukraine not only inexpedient, but also dangerous.

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