Ohrid Archdiocese points to Phanar's attempt to destroy unity of the Church

06 January 2021 14:51
Head of Phanar Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo: orthodoxtimes.com Head of Phanar Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo: orthodoxtimes.com

The Archdiocese of the SOC in North Macedonia criticized the actions of Constantinople in Ukraine, committed without the conciliar consent of the Churches and the UOC.

We are witnessing an attempt to violate the unity of Orthodoxy, since the Patriarchate of Constantinople has placed itself above the conciliar character of the Church. This is stated in the appeal of the Ohrid Archdiocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church, published in connection with the publication of the church calendar for 2021.

“Throughout its rich history, the Church has faced many trials and countless problems,” says the prologue to the calendar, published on the website of the Archdiocese. - <...> In our time, unfortunately, we are witnessing attempts to undermine the Unity of the Catholic (conciliar – Trans.) Orthodox Church, namely that the first-throned Local Church, the Patriarchate of Constantinople, placed itself above the conciliar character of the Church and took for granted the right to be first not only in honor, which, of course, no one disputes, but also in absolute power – a right that is not granted to it by the plentitude of the Church.”

The address of the Archdiocese emphasizes that the Phanar's unilateral decision “to accept into liturgical concelebration several ignorant schismatic organizations from Ukraine, without the consent of the local canonical Church and without pan-Orthodox consent on such a decision, obviously did not eventuate the desired solution to the schism. On the contrary, such an anti-canonical act of the Patriarchate of Constantinople caused a strong backlash from other Local Orthodox Churches, which has not only mitigated by now, but is growing even more vibrant."

Nevertheless, the Ohrid Archdiocese is convinced that the Church, guided by the Wisdom of God, will surely overcome all the new temptations and problems it is now facing.

Let us recall that the Orthodox Archdiocese of Ohrid is an autonomous Church within the Serbian Orthodox Church, operating in the territory of North Macedonia. The archdiocese, which is the only canonical jurisdiction in the country, does not have state registration and exists in conditions of constant opposition from the authorities, which support the schismatic “Macedonian Orthodox Church” and seek autocephaly for this “church” from Phanar.

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