GOC bishop: US puts pressure on Local Churches in terms of OCU recognition

24 December 2020 12:04
Metropolitan Seraphim of Kythira. Photo: iellada.gr Metropolitan Seraphim of Kythira. Photo: iellada.gr

Metropolitan Seraphim of Kythira believes that the Tomos of the OCU was granted as a result of constant pressure from the authorities of the United States and Ukraine.

Metropolitan Seraphim of Kythira of the Greek Orthodox Church said that the United States is putting pressure on the Local Churches, forcing them to recognize the Tomos of the OCU, reports Rentapostagma edition.

According to Metropolitan Seraphim, "the thorny and complex Ukrainian issue, unfortunately, arose as a result of constant and grave pressure from political actors (the United States and the Ukrainian leadership) on the Ecumenical Patriarchate, on Greece and other countries."

He also stressed that “in a similar way, the Ecumenical Patriarchate is trying to achieve agreement and recognition of this accomplished event from 11 Orthodox Churches, which, referring to ecclesiological and canonical grounds, object to the recognition of Ukrainian autocephaly”.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that according to Metropolitan Seraphim, the fact that the Council of Bishops allegedly recognized the OCU is a mistake and delusion.

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