Dumenko: Orthodox Church depends on OCU for peace

Sergei Dumenko at the Sophia of Kyiv. Photo: a screenshot of the video "UA: Pershyi"

Sergei (Epiphany) Dumenko stated that the creation of his structure forever changed the history of Orthodoxy and the future of the Ecumenical Church depends on the OCU.

The head of the OCU, Sergei Dumenko, after a "thanksgiving prayer" at the Sophia of Kyiv, dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of the founding of the OCU, said that "the future of world Orthodoxy" and "if there is peace or no peace in the Orthodox Church" depend on the OCU. The event was broadcast by the state TV channel UA: Pershyi.

Sergei Dumenko “again and again” expressed gratitude to Patriarch Bartholomew and the Phanar Synod, “who, despite resistance, made a truly historic decision two years ago, which changed the course of history not only of Ukrainian Orthodoxy but, I am sure, will change the course of the history of all Orthodoxy in the future. Because the future of the entire Orthodoxy depends on our Church – whether there will be peace or not in the Orthodox Church”.

Dumenko also turned with gratitude to Petro Poroshenko, who made "extraordinary efforts to make this event happen", and wished him inspiration "for further work for the benefit of the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian Church".

"Although according to the Constitution, the Church and the state are separated from each other, in reality, it is impossible to draw the line between them that divides us," the head of the OCU believes.

Dumenko also expressed gratitude to Simeon (Shostatsky) and Makariy Maletich. The head of the OCU said that “unfortunately, some fell into temptation and he is not among us (alluding to Filaret – Ed.) but we are convinced that we will continue to work together in the future”.

We recall that on December 15, 2018, the so-called "Unification Council", at which the UOC-KP and the UAOC were united in the OCU, elected Sergei (Epiphany) Dumenko the head of the newly-founded Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

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