MP Ilya Kiva: Our strength's in unity of Slavic nations and Orthodox Church

14 December 2020 15:02
Ilya Kiva. Photo: Ilya Kiva. Photo:

Ilya Kiva is sure that ex-President Petro Poroshenko committed a crime as he “began to divide Orthodoxy,” positioning it as an achievement for Ukraine and Christianity.

Our strength lies in unity, not in split, said Ilya Kiva, MP from the Opposition Platform - For Life faction, on the air of the ZIK TV channel.

“Today we understand very well that the foundations of interaction between the state and the Church have long been violated,” said the Parliamentarian. “The Church in our country was turned into a political instrument, and Poroshenko committed a crime when he began to divide Orthodoxy, positioning it as an achievement for Ukraine and Christianity.”

According to him, "they divide Orthodoxy in order to destroy it."

“The strength is in unity, not in schism! They invent fake churches, buy tomoses, use it as a manipulation <...> They brought the war to our land. They destroyed the Church. They mongered hatred within the state. And each of their actions is aimed at only one thing – to separate and destroy us as a single nation, as a once large and mighty state,” Ilya Kiva added.

The deputy is convinced that "our strength is in Slavic unity: it was our stronghold and the ability to resist the evil that has always tried to seize our territories and destroy our countries."

He added, “ So far they have succeeded, but the Lord sees everything, and the Church will be one, and Orthodoxy will be united in a single force to withstand the evil coming from the West, depravity and immorality being leveraged today to stratify and undermine our society."

"One should understand – we are strong in our faith and in our unity!" upheld Ilya Kiva.

As the UOJ reported, unknown persons burned an effigy of Patriarch Bartholomew on Sophia Square in Kyiv.

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