UOC Сhancellor explains why Church does not take back seized temples

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich). Photo: Metropolitan's Facebook page

If we consider the total strength of the UOC, then it would be possible to return all property seized from the Church quite quickly, Met. Anthony (Pakanich) noted.

The UOC Chancellor, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) of Boryspil and Brovary, answered the question of why the believers of the UOC, who are dozens or even hundreds of times more than schismatics, cannot take away the churches seized. The Metropolitan's commentary was published by the "Pravlife" resource.

“Indeed, if we take into account the total strength of our Church, we could quickly return all the seized property to ourselves,” noted the UOC Сhancellor. “But what would be the price of solving this issue? How many tears and blood there would be."

He explained that people who, because of their convictions, did not come to the true temple of God, are mistaken, "but they are not our enemies".

“Those who do not understand us are not our enemies. They, like us, are citizens of our Homeland. And the Lord expects their сorrection and return,” the metropolitan added.

According to him, the Church protects the soul of every person, "but first of all we must protect those people who are members of our Church".

“The Gospel and the experience of the life of the Church show that only love can radically change a person. No external forces, no matter what they may be, can make a person merciful, patient and loving. Only when a person feels Divine love, manifested most often through people, he becomes a believer," he stressed.

In addition, according to Metropolitan Anthony, history has shown that temporary defeats are always a guarantee of a great victory: “Let us recall the state of society after the October overthrow of 1917. Then a small group of people came to power, and it would seem that the majority could have organized and destroyed all this. But by Divine Providence, a different fate was prepared for the Church. Yes, it was a very terrible period of devastation and death, betrayal and imprisonment. But as a result, this became a pledge, the seed of a genuine revival of the Church of Christ. "

“The Church is not strong when everything is colourful with us, in the glitter of gold, when we are showing off on TV screens. The Church is strong when we are saved when we are in an internal struggle with ourselves. Only then the Spirit of God dwells in us and we become the true temple of God, which no one can destroy. No one can take it away. The Holy Apostle Paul writes: "... Neither height, nor depth, nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Rom. 8:39). This must be achieved, this must be desired, and everything must be done so that the temple of our soul is clean, filled with the grace of the Spirit of God,” resumed Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary.

Earlier, the UOC Chancellor commented on the upcoming visit of the head of the Phanar to Ukraine.


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