Patriarch Theophilos ready to mediate reconciliation of Orthodox Churches

01 October 20:36
Patriarch Theophilos. Photo: Patriarch Theophilos. Photo:

The head of the Jerusalem Patriarchate emphasized the importance of Christian unity while expressing concern for Orthodox Churches worldwide.

On 29 September 2023, during a meeting with Pope Francis, Patriarch Theophilos said he is ready to mediate the reconciliation of the Orthodox Churches, reports

Patriarch Theophilos said that in connection with the war between Ukraine and Russia, he is ready "to take on a mediatory role in promoting dialogue and reconciliation, as well as eliminating the threat of a possible split in the Orthodox Church."

The head of the Jerusalem Patriarchate emphasised the importance of Christian unity while expressing concern for the Jerusalem Church for the Orthodox Churches around the world.

In his opinion, the Russian-Ukrainian war has a profound impact not only on Orthodox Christians but on the entire world Christian community.

"As the Mother of all Churches, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem has a special interest in the unity of the Church and especially of the Orthodox Churches throughout the world and in Jerusalem. In our life and witness in the Holy Land, we constantly strive for reconciliation and peace. We have understood for centuries that genuine dialogue is the only path to true reconciliation and lasting peace, and this is our unwavering commitment," he stressed.

According to Patriarch Theophilos, Jerusalem is the Mother of all Churches.


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