VR Speaker awards a Satanist magician picketing Kyiv Lavra in OCU interests

29 September 20:37
A magician and Satanist awarded the Order of A magician and Satanist awarded the Order of "Pride and Glory of Ukraine". Photo: UOJ

Magician Veliar has been awarded the Order of "Pride and Glory of Ukraine".

Bohdan Oryshchenko, widely known as "Magician Veliar", was awarded the Order of "Pride and Glory of Ukraine" by the Speaker of the Parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, reports Veliar on his Facebook page.

In the congratulatory letter, Stefanchuk wrote to the magician that his dedication "gives hope that our country has a future".

"While such people live and work, the Ukrainian nation will continue to thrive," Stefanchuk stated in his message to the Satanist.

It's worth noting that Magician Veliar has been conducting "protest actions" near the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra for an extended period, attempting to expel UOC monks from the monastery. On May 17, 2023, he performed a blasphemous ritual called the "funeral of the UOC (Moscow Patriarchate)".

Veliar wore a "panagia" with a pentagram and an image of Baphomet and a "mitre" with an image of Satan on his head. During the "panikhida" (funeral service), he burnt incense to a "coffin" with the inscription "Cargo 200". Veliar also recited a profanity-laden, sacrilegious version of the funeral prayer typically read by priests over the deceased.

Assisting Veliar, activists dressed as "bishops", "zombies," and other characters, mockingly shouted, cackled, and pretended to weep.

At the end of the ritual, Veliar pointed to the Lavra and declared: "In these churches, monks of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will pray."

As previously reported, "Magician Veliar" came to the Lavra to promote the OCU.

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