OCU “priest”: Society forces us and UGCC to adopt a new style

29 September 11:34
"Priest" of the OCU Volodymyr Buhrak. Photo: "Suspilne"

An OCU member believes that it is society that makes the Church take certain actions.

The transition to the new Julian calendar by the OCU and the UGCC was prompted by Ukrainian society, said Volodymyr Buhrak, the rector of the Transfiguration Cathedral of the OCU in Kremenets, in an interview with "Suspilne".

According to him, "it is society that has become the driving force behind the Church, not the Church driving society." Buhrak believes that society has "matured" to the point of supporting the ban on the UOC, and the authorities must take this into account.

As previously reported, the OCU spoke of the necessity to continue the calendar reform.

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