Lomachenko: Both success and talents are not 'ours', it all comes from God

28 September 18:11
Vasyl Lomachenko. Photo: championat.com Vasyl Lomachenko. Photo: championat.com

Vasyl Lomachenko said that he truly found his faith after an unexpected defeat in the ring.

World boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko said in an interview with the UOJ that, in his opinion, both success and defeats are sent by God for a person's benefit.

According to the athlete, at the age of 33, after he was defeated by Teofimo Lopez, a spiritual turning point occurred in his life, which allowed him to look at himself from a different perspective.

It was this moment, as Lomachenko noted, that changed his attitude towards his own life and faith.

"The Almighty gave me the talent for hard work in the gym, the talent to become a boxer, to be who I am today. But I'm starting to understand this now. Today I understand that it's all thanks to the Lord. Without His support, without the will of the Almighty, I doubt I would have achieved anything," he said.

Lomachenko is also convinced that everything that comes or goes from any person is granted by God.

"The problems I've had, the successes I've had... I've just started to understand where they come from and from Whom. If I used to think that the world revolved around me, at that moment, I realized that it's not like that at all," the boxer added.

Vasyl Lomachenko said that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should be defended like one's parents, without sparing one's life.

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