Lomachenko: For me, the Church is the mother without whom we will perish

28 September 16:52
Vasyl Lomachenko. Photo: facebook.com/VasylLomachenko Vasyl Lomachenko. Photo: facebook.com/VasylLomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko said that the UOC should be defended like parents, without sparing our lives.

The world-famous Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko said in an interview with the UOJ that the normal reaction of any person during the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is to stand up in defence of the Church.

Answering the question of why he, despite the hate in the media continues to support the Church, Lomachenko said that he has decided on the truth, so he tries to do everything possible to protect the UOC.

"The reaction of any Orthodox person is to stand up for it. <...> If your parents are insulted and humiliated, the normal reaction of any person is to stand up for defence. And he will defend, not sparing his life. He will stand up for his parents. In the same way for me the Church, the temple, and the Orthodox faith. This is our Mother, without whom we will simply perish," he said.

Lomachenko also thanked the UOC believers who continue to defend the temples from seizures, risking their lives and freedom.

"Compared to how people defend the Orthodox Church (I track on the Internet), compared to how they are persecuted, how they suffer .... Just because I make some posts or speak out in some way, I don't consider it a serious support," he added.

As reported, Lomachenko said how he feels about the persecution of the UOC and how he sees the Church in the future.


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