Lomachenko: I see the UOC as golden and flourishing in the future

28 September 15:47
Vasyl Lomachenko. Photo: a screenshot of the Top Rank YouTube channel video Vasyl Lomachenko. Photo: a screenshot of the Top Rank YouTube channel video

Vasyl Lomachenko said how he feels about the current persecution of the UOC and how he sees the Church in the future.

The legendary Ukrainian boxer and two-time Olympic champion, Vasyl Lomachenko, shared in an interview with the UOJ his vision of the UOC in the future and how he feels when the Church is insulted and its believers are expelled from churches and monasteries.

Lomachenko is confident that in the future, the UOC will be golden and flourishing, but today the Church, like gold, needs to be purified from impurities.

"I listened to a song a long time ago, and recently it came up in my playlist again. I heard these words there: 'Purify gold from impurities.' This is what is happening to our Church today. Right now, gold is being purified from impurities," he said.

Commenting on the eviction of monks from the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the seizure of churches, and the persecution of the UOC, Lomachenko said that it hurts him deeply to witness these events.

"What is happening around us – of course, it's unpleasant, it absolutely shouldn't be like this, 100%. It's painful to watch, very painful. No matter how you look at it, it definitely should not be happening," the boxer added.

As reported, a UOC believer said that believers will answer to God for not doing their utmost to defend the Lavra.

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