Results of survey "Is the Phanar's teaching a heresy?" presented on the Net

The Phanar head, Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo:

The issue of recognizing as heresy a number of doctrinal errors of Constantinople and its hierarchs was actualized after the decision of the Cypriot Synod on the OCU.

81% of the participants of the survey conducted among the subscribers by Orthodox Telegram channels consider it necessary to discuss the Phanar heresies at a council. The interim results of the survey were published on the channel “Labarum. Sim Pobedishi".

1594 respondents took part in the survey, which corresponds to the average indicators for social research.

The survey participants were asked the question: "In your opinion, should the Russian Church recognize the teaching of the primacy of power in the Church of the Patriarch of Constantinople as heresy?"

The proportions of respondents replying to the above question were as follows:

8% - no, this is not heresy, but administrative contradictions;
64% - yes, this is heresy which contradicts the doctrine of the Catholic Church;
17% - it is necessary to wait for the Council of all Local Churches to resolve this issue;
1% - their own answer;
10% - I don't know.

“Of course, this survey cannot claim to be fully representative of the Orthodox Church environment, but we dare assume that if it took place in churches, then support for the initiative to condemn the Phanar heresies would be even higher <...> Of course, we understand that it is not surveys of priests and parishioners that determine the position of the Church. That this can only be done by the Holy Spirit through the bishops of the Church. Therefore, with this poll, we do not claim to influence the decision of the Church in any way, but only measure the attitude towards such a decision in the church society. The total support for this decision is 81%,” the channel noted.

As reported by the UOJ, the latest Pew Research Center poll showed that the religiosity of Ukrainians since the beginning of 2002 has decreased by 11% - from 61 to 50%.

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Do you agree that the Phanar head is the foremost defender of Orthodoxy?
yes, he protects Orthodoxy from heresies and schisms
no, he is drawing closer to the RCC, splitting the Church and indulging politicians
I don't care, I'm not interested in him
Total votes: 67


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