Karas proposes to hang MPs unwilling to vote for UOC ban

26 September 14:08
S-14 leader Yevhen Karas. Photo: gazeta.ua S-14 leader Yevhen Karas. Photo: gazeta.ua

The S-14 leader has published a poll on his Telegram channel, in which he suggested hanging the MPs who are unwilling to vote for the ban of the UOC.

The head of the radical organisation S-14, Yevhen Karas, has suggested hanging those MPs who will not vote for banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The corresponding poll has been published on his Telegram channel.

As of 26 September 2023, 98% of Karas's subscribers voted "for". A total of 54.5 thousand users took part in the poll.

In the comments under the poll, the subscribers of the radical suggested not only "kicking" out of the Rada or "hanging" such MPs, but also urged to "shoot", "beat" and "rape" people's representatives for unwillingness to vote for the ban of the UOC.

"In Ukraine, the OCU should operate based on our country's own experience – it is so, as with the language, and that’s it. If in the 10th year of such a terrible war people and deputies do not yet understand this, then they are not Ukrainians," wrote the user Olena in a comment to the publication.

Karas was also supported by blogger Christian Udarov, whom journalists noticed near the Lavra together with OCU followers.

"I support Karas in his flash mob, I think there will be enough people like me. Who has doubts about propaganda from the mouths of Moscow popes?" noted Udarov on his Telegram channel.

As reported, Karas promised to "punch the face" of the MPs who do not vote in favour of the UOC.

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