Kyiv City Council refuses to publish petition against discrimination of UOC

26 September 10:43
The building of the Kiev City Council. Photo: The building of the Kiev City Council. Photo:

Journalists were denied the publication of a petition against discrimination of the UOC on the Kyiv City Council website.

The Kyiv City Council refused to publish a petition against discrimination of the UOC, explaining that "the Kyiv administration cannot address this issue at its level", reports "Dialog.TUT" journalists.

They noted that they submitted the petition to the Kyiv City Council website as early as 19 September 2023, but it was never published.

After the deadline for publication had passed, the journalists received a refusal and were advised to create a similar petition on the President's Office website.

"The Kyiv City Council did not accept our petition. It's not just funny anymore, it's genuinely amusing," the journalists wrote.

As a reminder, the Kyiv City Council stated that the UOC harbours FSB agents in its temples.

As reported, the UOC's Legal Department stated that the Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration should apologize to the believers for his insults directed at the UOC.

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