Journalist: Phanar cannot “reset to zero” the Ukrainian Church of millions

Journalist Yuri Molchanov. Photo: screenshot of First Cossack youtube channel

Yuri Molchanov commented on the words of Patriarch Bartholomew that he "temporarily tolerates" the hierarchs and the Primate of the UOC, who "just lives in Kyiv."

The power in the hands of Patriarch Bartholomew is not so big as to “suddenly reset the Ukrainian Orthodox Church with its multimillion flock to zero”. Journalist and media expert Yuri Molchanov said this on the air of "First Cossack", commenting on the recent statement of the head of Phanar regarding the canonical status of the UOC and its hierarchs.

The journalist recalled that the Ecumenical Patriarch is the first in honor and equal in power, and, in his opinion, the current situation "smacks of papism pretty much".

“He (Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople – Ed.) stated earlier that in his opinion, by his decree, the Tomos, the only canonical structure was created in Ukraine,” Molchanov said. “But basically, no one can remove the canonicity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. There are no canons to allow Patriarch Bartholomew to suddenly reset to zero the church jurisdiction, which includes several million believers. He has no such power at the very least."

According to him, we are talking about a certain excess of powers, or a desire to exceed them.

“This is ‘church politics’,” the journalist added. “Phanar is joining the mainstream of secular politics, guided by the connections and ambitions of its political, secular Western colleagues. This is obvious, since it is unlikely that high-level American officials and diplomats would travel around the world, meeting with the hierarchs of Local Orthodox Churches and pushing hard to recognize the OCU."

Speaking about the alleged power and primacy of Patriarch Bartholomew, he noted, one should ask about Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul, which was turned into a mosque – "in that very Constantinople whose greatness the patriarch wants to extremly raise."

“The priest, who has lost his own shrine, is trying to acquire hundreds, thousands of other temples in a foreign territory instead,” stated Yuri Molchanov.

Let us remind you that Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) believes that the words of the head of Phanar about the UOC lurk his powerlessness.

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