Head of “Autocephalous Church” of Belarus declares anathema to Lukasheno

The head of the Belarusian schismatics "Archbishop" Svyatoslav Login. A photo: grodno24.com

The head of the Belarusian schismatics "Archbishop" Svyatoslav Login "excommunicated" the President of Belarus.

"Archbishop" Svyatoslav Login, who leads the so-called “Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” (BAOC), during a “divine service” in Toronto (Canada), read the “Episcopal Epistle with Declaration of Anathema” to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko – “the dictator, murderer and tormentor of the pious Belarusian people”, reports Radio Liberty.

Login called Lukashenko a former president and a devil-possessed impostor who "commits lawlessness, persecutes and kills Orthodox Christians and other peaceful Christians for the truth in Belarus".

“The Church is a spiritual and non-political institution that teaches its flock to fight for the truth, it cannot simply observe the genocide of Belarusians, but should, according to the Holy Teachings of Christ, be the conscience of its people,” the head of the BAOC explained his motives. “<...> We urge those who still serve his satanic authority not to obey criminal orders because otherwise, you will face the curses of your descendants in earthly life and hell in heavenly life."

The “Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” headquartered in New York is a non-canonical religious entity that originated on the American continent in the second half of the 20th century. 

In 2018, the head of the BAOC, Svyatoslav Login, actively supported the idea of granting the Tomos to Ukrainian schismatics, hoping that after that it would be possible to legalize the “Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church”. He also stated that under Lukashenka’s rule, “the processes of legalizing the Belarusian Church in Belarus, its further growth and autocephaly are hardly possible”.

Before the presidential elections, the head of the Belarusian schismatics, "Archbishop" Svyatoslav Login, urged the citizens of Belarus "to protect the freedom of their choice and the future of their state".

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