Liturgy after work: OCU expands on the topic of postponing holidays

18 September 16:52
Dudchenko with Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo: Facebook Dudchenko Dudchenko with Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo: Facebook Dudchenko

The OCU theologian believes that the Mother of God-related holidays should be moved to Saturday, while the Lord's holidays to Sunday.

Following “metropolitan” O. Drabinko, Andriy Dudchenko, theologian and secretary of the synodal theological and liturgical commission of the OCU, spoke in favor of postponing the holidays.

On his Facebook, he stated that only freelancers, housewives and pensioners can visit churches on midweek holidays. Therefore, as Dudchenko writes, “we will come to the point of moving church holidays from the week to the weekend.”

In this regard, he proposes to move the feasts of the Mother of God to Saturday, and the Lord's feasts to Sunday. As an option, according to the “priest,” one can serve the liturgy in the evening, after work. In this case, the Eucharistic fast begins “after lunch.”

“The main thing is that we celebrate an event, not a date. And the modern Christian community (Church) can adjust the date and method of celebration as long as it's suitable for the members of this community,” said Dudchenko.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the OCU announced the need to postpone major holidays to the weekend.

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