Fanar: Heads of Athens and Tirana were there in Kyiv when others feared ROC

Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo:

Patriarch Bartholomew said that in 2008 only the Greek and Albanian Primates came to Kyiv with him, since others were afraid of threats to the Russian Church.

The head of Phanar said he has a special attitude towards the Primates of the Greek and Albanian Churches, since only they decided to join him in Kyiv in 2008, while the rest were "afraid of the threats of the Russian Orthodox Church". Patriarch Bartholomew said this in his address to these archbishops due to their hospitalization caused by infection with COVID, reports the Romfea publication.

“They accompanied me to Ukraine about twelve years ago, when other Primates were afraid to come, they were afraid of threats from the Russian Church, they, the Archbishops of Athens and Albania, were there for me, and we worked together in Kyiv,” Bartholomew said.

He noted that these archbishops were his valuable collaborators at the "Ecumenical Council" in Crete and wished Ieronymos and Anastasios a speedy recovery.

As reported by the UOJ, the hierarch of the Cyprus Church believes that the actions of Phanar lead to a terrible split.

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