Politologist about Fanar: There's no UOC? Rather, there's no Constantinople

Political analyst Elena Dyachenko. Photo: Capital

The canonicity of UOC and His Beatitude Onuphry is not questioned by World Orthodoxy, while the activities of Patriarch Bartholomew raise such questions, Dyachenko says.

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry was elected by the Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and his canonicity does not raise questions on the part of the World Orthodoxy, while the activities of the head of the Patriarchate of Constantinople Bartholomew do raise such questions, political expert Elena Dyachenko said on the air of First Cossack channel.

She believes that the head of Phanar should not have given assessments to the status of the Primate of the UOC, especially after the symbol of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, was converted into a mosque.

“Before voicing such judgments, the Ecumenical Patriarch had better comply with Orthodox canons, rather than assume the functions of the pope – this position is absent in World Orthodoxy,” said Dyachenko. Now that the status of Hagia Sopia, in which Patriarchs of Constantinople would sit, has been changed from the cathedral into a mosque, we can say that Constantinople no longer exists."

As reported by the UOJ, human rights activists have found that the words of the head of Phanar about the UOC contain hate speech that incites sectarian strife.

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