UOC-KP professor: Phanar has got its exarch to replace Dumenko

19 November 2020 10:24
Consecration of Mikhail Anishchenko as Bishop of Koman. Photo: blagovest-info.ru Consecration of Mikhail Anishchenko as Bishop of Koman. Photo: blagovest-info.ru

Professor and supporter of the UOC-KP Dmitry Stepovik is sure that Phanariotes raised Mikhail Anishchenko “in Masonic Lodge” with a view to replacing Dumenko.

On November 18, 2020, Doctor of Philosophy and Theology, Professor Dmitry Stepovik, said that the Patriarchate of Constantinople had prepared its Exarch Mikhail Anischenko to replace Dumenko. Stepovik told about this during a press conference organized by the Interfax-Ukraina publication.

According to Stepovik, the so-called “Unification Council” was not held by Ukraine: “I was a participant in this 'gathering', which was not held by Ukraine at all, because Metropolitan Emmanuel, the messenger of this Bartholomeos Archondonis, was in charge of the council.”

According to him, Patriarch Bartholomew "today makes every effort" to destroy the UOC-KP: "A person is already 80 years old ... and he is not afraid of what will happen to him further and continues to destroy the Ukrainian Church before us."

Stepovik said that "for 27 years he taught at the academy, which betrayed Filaret." According to him, Denisenko "pulled some representatives of the OCU from rags to riches", and "today those went after Istanbul, which hates them, because it has already trained another candidate instead of Dumenko – certain Mikhail from Volyn." He stressed that the Phanariotes raised Mikhail Anischenko "in the Masonic Lodge".

When the journalist asked if he had any facts confirming Phanar's desire to replace Dumenko, Stepovik replied that his conclusions "follow from the historical tradition and how the Greeks acted in the past."

“They started preparation poorly, and then, when they saw our concessions, they beat hard. Let me give you a similar example. Their reasoning of why they granted the metropolitanate is not because they want to milk the Ukrainian church, but because ‘we released you in 1686’. How did they give it up to Moscow? They sold it. There is a document that they received 120 sable skins and 200 pieces of red gold. This is the price of the Kyiv Metropolis,” Stepovik said.

He also noted that “the newly-ordained bishop’s surname is not Onishchenko, Ukrainian, but Anischenko. It means that one of the parents was of the Moscow brood."

At the same time, Stepovik said that his statement is “an assumption, I am not saying that there is evidence. But based on the facts of the 17th century, they are doing the same thing today."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Kyiv exarch of Phanar was ordained Bishop of Koman.

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