Head of Cyprus Church does not intend to discuss Dumenko at the Synod

Archbishop Chrysostomos (right). Photo: churchofcyprus.org.cy

Archbishop Chrysostomos said that if everyone listens to him, "then Orthodoxy will not have troubles and can become a role model for other confessions."

The Primate of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, Archbishop Chrysostomos, said that he did not intend to put up the issues of commemorating Epiphany Dumenko and the "autocephaly" of the OCU for the synodal vote, the official website of the Cypriot Church reports.

During the interview, the Primate of the Church of Cyprus stated he would not raise these issues for decision at the upcoming meeting of the Holy Synod on November 23, 2020, but simply explain to the synodals “why I decided to commemorate the new head of the Church of Ukraine”.

According to Archbishop Chrysostomos, he "fully explored the subject, held meetings with 9 out of 13 Primates" and "knows the views of all 13".

“If someone carefully examines the letter I sent to His All-Holiness, if everyone listens to me, then Orthodoxy will not have troubles and can become a role model for other confessions. And the Church of Cyprus will stand very high,” says Archbishop Chrysostomos.

He also said that “although I have had a problem with my leg for six years now and have been fighting with cancer for three years, despite my sufferings and illnesses, I spared no effort to meet with His Holiness of Albania (Archbishop Anastasios – Ed.) in Salzburg, where His Holiness (Patriarch Bartholomew – Ed.) was on a visit. I had a meeting with him in order to take on this campaign and communicate my views to other Primates. All the Primates were delighted to see me. But, unfortunately, my health and the coronavirus situation no longer allow me to travel, because I belong to vulnerable groups."

Therefore, says the Primate of the Church of Cyprus further, "I informed His Holiness that I can no longer do it."

“After visiting Constantinople, I learned the whole truth about this issue, because before that I knew only half, and His All-Holiness explained to me that Ukraine belongs to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which transferred it to the Moscow Patriarchate to temporarily rule it given the proximity of Moscow to Ukraine. Thus, he bestowed the New Countries to the Greek Church, provided that they first commemorate the Ecumenical Patriarch and then the Patriarch of Moscow,” said Archbishop Chrysostomos.

According to him, “at the beginning of the 17th century, travelling from Constantinople to Ukraine was difficult. Since 1917, with the beginning of Communism in Russia, the Ecumenical Patriarch has ceased to be commemorated. When Communism fell, the Ecumenical Patriarch wanted to restore the original order in Ukraine, but the Russians refused."

He also noted that "there are many other details" that he "cannot tell now".

“Therefore, after I had crystallized my opinion in March and because I did not have time to discuss it at the Synod, I commemorated (Epiphaniy) to inform them about this issue at the next Synod,” the head of the Church of Cyprus said.

Archbishop Chrysostomos added that “I couldn’t think that they (the synodals disagreeing with his decision – Ed.) would come out with their narrative in the media but would come to see me for they know that my door is open. I would have justified my position before them, informed them in detail and asked them to forgive me for the disturbances caused."

He is sure that they “attacked” him “for no reason”: “If I even had killed their parents or brothers and sisters, they would not have done this to me. They poured out their acid and bile. I didn’t do anything to stir up this hostility toward me. In any case, I forgive them, I have no claims against them. And I am at their service."

He stressed that he had “nothing to be afraid of”: “I have a certain way of life in the Church, to which I have given all of myself. No one can accuse me of being here for pleasure. I had everything; I was not looking for anything when I came to the Archdiocese. I felt much better in Paphos. I came here for the ministry and again I thank God who deigned me to have this ministry,” the hierarch summed up.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Primate of the Church of Cyprus would convene the Holy Synod.

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