Lavra monk – to Avraamiy: Traitors are not loved anywhere

16 August 15:07
"Acting abbot of the Lavra from the OCU" Avraamiy Lotysh. Photo:

Hierodeacon Titus declared to Avraamiy Lotysh that the brethren of the Lavra would never consider him their vicar.

Hierodeacon Titus, monk of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, addressing the “acting abbot of the Lavra from the OCU, Avraamiy Lotysh appointed by Dumenko, said that traitors are not loved and are not welcome anywhere. He said this live, published on the Instagram page of seminarian Mykhailo Pratsiuk.

“You will never be my abbot. But you won't belong there either. Traitors are not welcome anywhere,” he said and added that the OCU would also not trust him, fearing another betrayal.

According to the monk, Avraamiy, being an archimandrite of the UOC, would receive gifts from the clergy and bishops of the Church, dined with the inhabitants of the Lavra, but now he does not even want to talk with the brethren.

“How are you going to be here an acting abbot if you don't even associate with the monks? I know that they want to bring you in and introduce you to us. I will not accept you, because you are forbidden in the priesthood. I have my legitimate abbot, Metropolitan Pavel,” he added.

As the UOJ reported, the OCU “vicar” of the Lavra Avraamiy Lotysh entered the residence of His Beatitude in the monastery.

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