Yan Taksiur names the reasons why churches seized by OCU remain empty

Ukrainian publicist Yan Taksiur. Photo: screenshot / video / facebook.com / 1kozaktv

The publicist has addressed the Ukrainians supporting the schismatics, explaining what is wrong with the statements about the "development and prosperity" of the OCU.

Yan Taksiur named three main reasons why the temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church seized by OCU adherents remain empty or, at best, half-empty. The reasonings of the Ukrainian writer and publicist were published by 1kozaktv.

He noted that at the recent meeting of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky with Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople in Istanbul, the latter spoke about the successful development and prosperity of the OCU, “but if to tell the truth, if not to lie, then there have been no promised mass transfers from our canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the OCU at all <...>, there is no flourishing and development of the OCU ”.

“The seizure of churches, the expulsion of the faithful of the canonical Church, the beating of women, priests, worshippers — all this continues,” the publicist explained. - <...> But can one call oneself a Christian, a child of God, beating people, driving them out of churches? This is a rhetorical question. You cannot be a Christian without following the commandments of love. If there is hatred, if there is aggression and there is no love, then there is no Christian either and there is no Christian Church”.

If we assume, he added, that the supporters of the OCU “suddenly felt an acute desire to pray, repent, receive communion, but they are not given, and they, being spiritually thirsty, are forced to break into the temples, then, according to this logic, they should fill the churches, standing in line for communion and confession – this is not the case".

“In case you wanted the dreams of Petro Poroshenko about the prosperity of the OCU to come true, if these dreams have become your dreams, then I must disappoint you: the temples of the OCU are empty and will be empty,” Yan Taksiur addressed the current Ukrainian President and officials.

First, he explained, “what the Church of Christ can give a person – communion with God, union with Him in His Sacraments – all this is missing in the organization created by Bartholomew and Petro Poroshenko. And the Ukrainian people – a common old woman or a certified scientist – feel this without words, feel with all the heart, because communion with God occurs not through education, not through diplomas but through the live communion of your immortal soul with the Creator."

In the meetings of the OCU communities, there is too much politics and too little talk about the main thing – salvation, the publicist stated.

Secondly, the writer added, the OCU does not have real theological schools, there are no preachers, real theologians, publications, “and if there are, then they are unprofessional and in some ways even poor,” there is no canonical priesthood that cares about the salvation of their children.

“And the last reason. Perhaps, the atheists will not accept this argument. The Lord Himself protects, He Himself knows His Church, and He Himself appears where His children and His Church are. Perhaps, people who know history will object: there have been cases when the Orthodox remained in an insignificant minority, when schismatics, heretics prevailed and occupied episcopal sees. It happened, but where are these heretics? Their names are forgotten and cursed. And the canonical Church is alive and will live to the end of the days,” Yan Taksiur resumed and called on the Ukrainians who support the schismatics to stop and not go against the Lord.

As reported, on October 16, 2020, Vladimir Zelensky paid a visit to Phanar where he met with Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and invited him to Ukraine. During the meeting, the head of the Phanar said that he was proud of granting autocephaly to the OCU, "which is developing and flourishing".

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