Cancer-fighting journalist and UOJ writer needs urgent help

Marina Bogdanova. A photo: journalist Marina Bogdanova

The treatment in the clinic, which gives Marina Bogdanova a favorable prognosis, requires 20,000 euros.

Marina Bogdanova, an Orthodox journalist and UOJ writer, needs urgent help in her fight against cancer. Her friends and colleagues, as well as the editorial board of the Union of Orthodox Journalists, appeal to all concerned to give Marina a chance to live and work further.

“I have pancreatic cancer with a metastatic tumour in the liver,” Marina said on Facebook. “Oncologists say that it did not appear yesterday but has been found only now. It is still possible to treat – however, the forecasts are disappointing. In Ukraine, FOLFIRINOX chemotherapy is offered, which is considered innovative but extremely highly toxic. Only a very strong organism can withstand even its first session. And this is definitely not my case. And the result is dubious – the survivors of this chemistry can last up to 2 years in a seriously disabled state. And there are no more than 3% of them.”

But in Germany, there is a clinic that provides the so-called regional therapy and gives a more favourable prognosis. The clinic is ready to start treating Marina immediately.

“Up to 27% of people with pancreatic cancer survive there. And these are VERY GOOD statistics. The clinic is ready to treat me immediately and gives a favourable prognosis. 10 days of the therapy are € 20,000 worth. If cancer moves back, surgery and another course of therapy are possible. This is my chance. So far, there are only 5 thousand euros. Please help me raise the required amount and start treatment. I wish you all health, love and joy in life!" wrote the journalist.

Marina's friends urge all those who are not indifferent to respond to have time to raise the required amount.

“It is unlikely that various funds or moneybags will rush to fork out. But if everyone who has read her wonderful essays sends the cost of a couple of cups of coffee to her card, we will have time to raise the necessary money to localize both of her tumours and give her a chance to work further. Just a click of the mouse ... Just a small amount ... And work another miracle: to save the fragile life of the beautiful and talented woman!" they stressed.

Requisites for transfers:

PrivatBank card 5168 7422 3758 5405 (Bogdanova Marina Vasilyevna).

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