Expert: Zelensky's visit to Phanar will not come to anything

Meeting of Vladimir Zelensky with Patriarch Bartholomew, 16.10.20. Photo:

Konstantin Bondarenko believes Vladimir Zelensky's meeting with Pat. Bartholomew and his invitation to Ukraine should be viewed exclusively as a form of politesse.

The visit of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to Phanar, which took place as part of the working trip of the head of the Ukrainian state to Turkey on October 16, 2020, will not lead to anything. This point of view was voiced by the Ukrainian political expert, candidate of historical sciences Konstantin Bondarenko in the commentary to the UOJ.

The expert noted that no documents were signed during his visit to Phanar, and Zelensky's invitation to Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to visit Ukraine is "really nothing more than a courtesy formula".

“I think that someone in Zelensky’s circle simply decided before the elections to try to pick up one of Poroshenko's slogans, snatch away one of his cards,” the political scientist added. "So, I see it exclusively as a form of politesse (the established procedure for observing the forms of social etiquette – Ed.), which will not lead to anything."

As the UOJ reported, on October 16, 2020, Vladimir Zelensky visited Phanar. As part of his trip, Ukraine's President visited St. George's Church, where a prayer service was held in his honour, met with Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and invited him to Ukraine. In Phanar, Zelensky's visit was regarded as a sign of "love, respect and devotion of the entire Ukrainian people".

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