Internet smirking at UOC believer Lomachenko's loss: "Staples did not help"

Ukrainian boxer Vasiliy Lomachenko. Photo:

After the defeat of the boxer Vasiliy Lomachenko in the fight for the title of absolute world champion, Ukrainian users filled social networks with scathing comments.

The Ukrainians launched a real persecution on the Web against the boxer and parishioner of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Vasiliy Lomachenko, rejoicing at his defeat in the battle with the American Teofimo Lopez, which took place on the morning of October 18, 2020 in Las Vegas (USA).

Lomachenko lost to the American by a referee decision 114: 115, having lost his championship belts. This defeat is being actively discussed not only in Ukraine, since many believe that the Ukrainian boxer was subject to unfair judging.

But, in addition to disputes over the results of the fight, in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, the harassment of the boxer is gaining momentum because of his affiliation with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and words about friendship with Russians. Boxer Alexander Usik is mentioned by users, who is also a parishioner of the UOC and who calls Vasiliy Lomachenko his brother in Christ.

"Ha-ha, well, have your Russian world residents helped you, crazy in the head Orthodox guy?" this and many similar comments appeared today on Vasiliy Lomachenko's Instagram page.

The ex-head of the Odessa "Right Sector" Sergei Sternenko, who is now on trial for committing an intentional murder, cannot hide he is happy about the loss of the Ukrainian boxer.

“Lomachenko: posted a video that glorified the Russian military who conquered Crimea; he said that we were brothers with the Russians; said that Ukrainians and Russians are actually one nation; hyped the Russian "church", starred in a propaganda film about friendship and unity with the invaders. It‘s better to let no one represent Ukraine in the world than such a traitor to his people. You may be the best boxer in the world, but if you support the war against your country, then you only deserve to be forgotten. Therefore, yes, I am happy about Lomachenko's defeat. And I will rejoice when Usik loses too. I will support all athletes provided they do not betray their country,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Blogger Denis Kazansky, representing Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group, noted in the comments on Sternenko's page: “I don't understand how this could happen. Onuphry blessed him."

The religious issue was also fueled by the Ukrainian volunteer Roman Donik, whose post about Lomachenko collected many offensive statements about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its believers.

“Hmm ... Lomachenko's Russian staples didn't help. And how is Usik? Keeps on praying?" he wrote on his Facebook page.

As a reminder, in May 2020, after the release of a documentary film about the Orthodox faith, friendship and sports “Hello, Brother! Christ is Risen", in which Alexander Usik and Vasiliy Lomachenko starred, the famous Ukrainian boxers were added to the database of Mirotvorets (Peacemaker) site as" opponents of the independence of Ukrainian Orthodoxy from the Russian-controlled ROC".

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