Ukrainian schoolchildren disseminate magic rituals via TikTok

16 October 2020 17:16
A pentagram drawn in one of the schools. Photo: Facebook page of Fr. Alexander Ovcharenko A pentagram drawn in one of the schools. Photo: Facebook page of Fr. Alexander Ovcharenko

Schoolchildren from Lviv, Zaporizhia and Kyiv "play" en masse making wishes with the help of a magic formula that mentions the name of Satan.

In Ukraine, schoolchildren conduct magic rituals using the pentagram and the name of Satan, and also publish them through the popular TikTok social network. This was reported by the priest of the UOC Archpriest Alexander Ovcharenko and cleric of the UGCC Yuriy Boyko on their Facebook pages. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about this kind of "entertainment" and warn them against such practice. According to the UOJ, this is already the case in Kyiv schools.

Archpriest Alexander writes that such activities are akin to Satanism. “An ordinary school day in the 9th grade in one of the Zaporozhia schools. The girls are doing magic to bar the teacher from coming. The boys are sluggishly trying to stop it, but the girls are dispersing everyone in order to continue. Also the silliest phrase that ‘all Ukrainian women are witches’ is taken by many with special pride! Nothing new: the devil continues to work through the woman. As it was with Eve, so it is the same – girls are the first to be seduced. But, I must say, there are more girls than boys in churches! It means every girl makes her own choice – to cast spells or pray to God."

The priest is going to raise this topic at the lessons of Sunday school.

In turn, Yuriy Boyko writes that he began to receive alarming signals from the concerned parents of Lviv. “They say that among children in schools it has become a practice both in rural and urban schools to draw a pentagram in a circle (a five-pointed star in a circle) on the wall and pronounce magic formulas making a wish.”

According to him, “children interpret this as a game and therefore make a wish for a test or a lesson to be cancelled, etc. But this kind of practice is not a joke, since the other world is not far from us. The existence of evil in the person of the devil is not a myth but a reality."

Boyko found out that the practice went viral through the popular social network TikTok among young people.

The Uniate cleric quoted a letter from the mother of one of the Lviv schoolgirls, which says that “this is such a trend on the TikTok network, and now all children are doing it on TikTok. It is very fashionable and cool with schools."

The UOJ also received a number of messages from the readers in Kyiv who report about similar "devilry games" in Kyiv schools.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that in the camp of the "Right Sector" teenagers laid out a swastika with their bodies.

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