Abbot of OCU monastery makes a flag and a map of Ukraine out of vestments

"Abbot" of the OCU monastery in blue and yellow vestments. Photo:

“Hegumen” of the OCU Merkuriy Bikira served in blue and yellow liturgical clothes with a map of Ukraine on his back on the Protection holiday.

The head of the St. Nicholas Monastery of the OCU in Dubno, Merkuriy Bikira, performed a "divine service" on the Feast of the Intercession clad in the colors of the flag of Ukraine with a map of the state embroidered on the back, reports "Znai bilshe" blog.

Tridents are embroidered on Bikira’s cassock in the place where the cross is usually depicted.

The “abbot” bought such vestments in Galicia, where he comes from.

The vestments of the "priest" were commented on by the Orthodox publicist Alexander Voznesensky.

“Another example of the fact that nationalism has replaced God for OCU members,” the blogger wrote on his Facebook page. “It is customary in the Church that each holiday has its own color of vestments. When there are feasts of the holy monks, the liturgical colour is green, for the feasts of the Mother of God – blue or navy is worn. But this religious actor decided that showing respect for the Mother of God and Her Feast is not as important as making a flag and a map of Ukraine out of liturgical clothes.

Well, well, as they said in our army, the more oak trees there are in the army, the stronger our defense is! They show by their actions that they do not need the Mother of God – they only need to cultivate state symbols even during the Divine Liturgy, when they actually serve God ...”

On the territory of the OCU monastery in Dubno, a red-and-black flag of the UPA always flies. Last winter, by order of Merkuriy Bikira, a "Maidan nativity scene" was arranged in one of the temples of the monastery, and ATO chevrons were put on the Christmas trees.

As the UOJ reported, after the seizure of the UOC temple in the village of Mnisin, a flag flies in it in place of the icon of the Virgin.

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