Alexander Klimenko: Unless we change anything now, the nation will die out

Archpriest Alexander Klimenko with his daughter. Photo: UOJ

The Prince Vladimir brotherhood together with Archpriest Alexander Klimenko organized a marathon for the cities of Ukraine "Save the family - save the nation".

“Save the family - save the nation” is the name of a multi-day educational charity marathon across the cities of Ukraine, organized by the Kyiv Brotherhood of Saint Prince Vladimir together with Archpriest Alexander Klimenko. Concerts have already taken place in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo, in the near future the priest will give concerts in Cherkassy, Shostka and other cities of Ukraine, reports the UOJ.

The winner of "Voice of the Country 2017" appeals to the audience to see the global processes unfolding around us and to do everything possible to stop the destruction of the Ukrainian nation, our faith and culture.

“Our country is on the brink of socio-cultural and ethnic extinction,” said a priest in Uzhgorod. “You should know this, because in a maximum of 50 years there will be 15 million of us here. And not because someone will go somewhere, it's just that our birth rate is declining exponentially. Dad and mom, who were born into one-child family, give birth to one child, and their children give birth to one child each. It means two times less, four times less, eight times less. For three generations – an eight-fold drop in the country's population in the future. That's simple arithmetic."

Fr. Alexander says that one child in a family is an overwhelming reality in our families: “Go and ask friends and acquaintances, and almost all children in the class say – ‘I am alone in the family’.”

In the priest's opinion, this is not happening because Ukrainians are facing financial difficulties. “When they say that this problem must be solved by giving people more housing and income ... As practice shows, no extra dollar or square meter makes a person willing to give birth to a child and support the family if people cannot tell good from evil, if they fail to understand what can be done and what cannot."

The way out of this situation, according to Fr. Alexander, is that each of us should preach the image of a happy family with our own life.

“Tell others that a family can be heaven on earth,” the priest says. "I'm ready to exert myself, and I ask all of you to burn inside but to make sure that the image of a real family is visible. You know, I'm not a braggart, but I realized that you need to share both happy and unhappy moments of your life, even on the Web. So that those who still doubt that a family can be happy can see that there are blessed families. I am not ashamed to share my happiness, because I know that experiencing someone else's happiness can encourage someone to create their own family. Or a family that is falling apart will be able to see it and have second thoughts. Share your stories!"

The priest urged us to share our joy with others and thereby inspire others: “Let's share the pleasant moments of our faith, which made your life happy, brought joy to your family. And then other people will be able to get infected with this joy like a kind of good virus.”

The UOC priest noted that this marathon through the cities of Ukraine became possible thanks to the Brotherhood of Saint Prince Vladimir, which can be joined by all Orthodox Christians of our country who wish to benefit their Church and their Motherland.

“This is again a community of caring people who know that people need a source of joy whatever it may be. And if you feel such a source tonight, then the goal, which the Brotherhood and we set together, will be fulfilled,” the priest concluded.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that the population of Ukraine for 30 years had decreased by 18.4%.


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