Prime Minister of Hungary: Homosexuals should leave our children alone

08 October 2020 11:00
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. A photo: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. A photo:

Viktor Orbán spoke out against LGBT propaganda among children in response to a question about a book with gay characters.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said LGBT people should "leave our children alone" when asked about a children's book with gay characters, reports the New Straits Times.

Viktor Orbán spoke out against the promotion of sexual minorities, answering a question about the book, which was published by the LGBT association. The scandal around the book erupted after one of their politicians shredded a sample during a press conference and called the collection "homosexual propaganda".

The book "A World of Stories for All" contains characters with non-traditional sexual orientation. For example, in one story the main character is a lesbian Cinderella, in another one – a transgender dragon slayer.

“Hungary has laws pertaining to homosexuality, the basis of which is an exceptionally tolerant and patient approach,” Orbán said during a regular interview on public radio.

“But there is a red line that you cannot cross,” Orbán said, referring to the book as a “provocative act.”

“To sum up my opinion on this: leave our children alone,” he said.

As reported, earlier Hungary has banned citizens from changing gender in documents.

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