Head of Ukraine National Police supports legalization of prostitution

Igor Klimenko. Photo: socportal.info

Igor Klimenko said one could address the issue of legalization of prostitution if the state “legislatively defines the rules of the game in this ‘market’.”

Igor Klimenko, head of the National Police of Ukraine, speaks in favour of legalization of prostitution in the country, according to RBC-Ukraine.

According to Klimenko, he is not afraid to talk about the legalization of prostitution, since “this problem was and still exists all over the world.” He stressed that he would support this initiative if the state "legislatively defines the rules of the game in this ‘market’."

At the same time, the head of the National Police opposed the legalization of light drugs and weapons in Ukraine, because, according to him, “we must first end the war”, since “the amount of weapons seized by the police every week is impressive.” Klimenko believes that it is necessary "first to put things in order with the weapons available."

In terms of decriminalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, according to Klimenko, it is necessary that it be clearly defined by law, since “today any legalization will enable medical corporations under this brand to do certain things or certain actions which can subsequently affect our children."

As for the legalization of prostitution, the head of the National Police believes, “there should be a broad public discussion. I am not afraid to say this, because this problem has existed, exists and will continue to exist all over the world. And Ukraine is no exception here."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the MP, who spoke about low-quality children, demands that prostitution be made legal.

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