Poland responds to letter on LGBT rights: No outside advice needed

Minister of Justice of Poland Zbigniew Żebro. Photo: Global Look Press / Patrick Pleul

Zbigniew Żebro responded sharply to an open letter by 50 foreign ambassadors with a concern about the rights of LGBT people in the Republic of Poland.

Poland guarantees everyone, including LGBT people, full rights and does not need external advice and opinions on this matter. Thus, the Minister of Justice of Poland Zbigniew Żebro commented on the joint appeal of 50 ambassadors and representatives of international organizations to the Polish leadership regarding the rights of the LGBT community and other minorities in the republic, reports wPolityce.pl.

“We do not need such advice and opinions from external factors,” said the Polish minister. “We are open for dialogue, we are happy to show that Poland is an island of freedom in Europe and guarantees everyone, including homosexuals, full rights. But I do not agree with the imposition of certain ideologies, legal decisions that give preference to certain sexual minorities at the expense of the family."

According to the head of the Ministry of Justice, Poland is a strong state and "we will protect our values, identity and traditions".

Also, he noted, it is the representatives of the LGBT community that have recently shown extreme aggressiveness in society, including towards believers, opponents of abortion and defenders of traditional values.

“We want to live in a country where people have different views, a different choice,” added Zbigniew Żebro. - <...> They want to impose their values on us today. Poland should be an oasis of freedom in Europe and set a good example."

On September 27, 2020, an open letter addressed to the Polish authorities with a call to ensure the rights and freedoms of representatives of the LGBT community in the republic appeared on the websites of foreign embassies in Poland.

The letter was signed by the ambassadors of the EU countries, as well as Switzerland, Great Britain, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Iceland, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and others, including Ukraine. In addition, the heads of the European Commission and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Poland, the Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the Director of the Office of the International Organization for Refugees put their signatures.

Earlier Zbigniew Żebro said that the ideology of LGBT people is contrary to Polish culture, traditions and legislation, and Polish cities, free of LGBT people, will receive more money from the country's government than they could get from the European Union. The head of the European Commission stated that there is no place in the EU for LGBT-free zones.

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