Head of RCC in Ukraine declares Ukrainian nationalism to be a threat

Metropolitan of the RCC Mieczyslaw Mokszycki. Photo: focus.ua

Nationalism, particularly among the Greek Catholics, is one of the biggest problems of the Roman Catholic Church in the East, stressed the RCC hierarch.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine, Metropolitan Mieczyslaw Mokszycki, called Ukrainian nationalism a threat to the RCC, Polskie Radio reports.

As a participant in a conference at the Catholic University of Lublin on the situation of the RCC and the Poles in the East, the Roman Catholic hierarch stressed that one of the gravest problems is Ukrainian nationalism.

According to him, the RCC is perceived as a “Polish” church in Ukraine. “This nationalism as a mainstream in Ukraine, which is obviously coming from the Greek Catholic Church, restricts certain freedom for us, since it is commonly said that we are a Polish church, hence it is necessary to restrict its latitude, to hamper it,” said Metropolitan Mieczyslaw Mokszycki.

However, he believes that this mentality will gradually change.

“I think this nationalism, this prejudice towards the Roman Catholic Church, will slowly begin to diminish due to the arrival of a number of Ukrainians in Poland or their education in different universities. This mentality will gradually change,” said the head of the RCC in Ukraine.

As reported by the UOJ, earlier Metropolitan Mokszycki called on Ukrainians to repent for the Volyn tragedy and asked the Uniates to return at least some of the churches that used to belong to the Roman Catholic Church.

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