"Priests" of OCU openly campaign for Poroshenko's Party

Konstantin Madzianovsky and Nikolai Gopainich on the posters of the EU party. Photo: facebook

The "deans" of the OCU of two districts of the Kiev region support the political party "EU", headed by Petro Poroshenko.

Representatives of the OCU, “priest” Mykola Gopainich of the Bila Tserkva district, and “priest” Konstantin Madzianovsky of the Obukhiv region, openly expressed their support for the party of former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko “European Solidarity”. Messages about this on Facebook were posted by the EU branches in Bila Tserkva and Obukhiv.

According to the “priest,” he chose the EU party because it upholds the “Christian values” of the OCU.

He is sure that “the government and the Church are the two wings on which the country rests. There is no future in any state without one of these constituents."

Gopainich believes that the adoption of Christianity by Prince Vladimir can be compared with the activities of Petro Poroshenko, when "thanks to the statesman, issues of faith were resolved."

“If we take the personality of Petro Poroshenko, who is the leader of the European Solidarity party, then he was consistent in the issue of creating a local Orthodox Church in Ukraine,” the OCU representative said.

He also claims that thanks to Poroshenko's "concern", the OCU "was recognized in the world and received from the Patriarch of Constantinople a document testifying to its autocephaly – Tomos."

“Of course, those people who care only about ‘bread and circus’ will never understand the importance of “Faith, Army, Language’ slogan, but for me it means a lot,” Gopainich said and said that it was for these slogans that “thousands of Ukrainians, throughout the history of Ukraine, gave their lives."

In turn, the "dean" of the OCU of the Obukhiv region, Madzianovsky, appealing to those "who are only interested in cheap food and interesting sights," said that the Tomos "can be safely compared with the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine."

He emphasized that "it is the European Solidarity and its leader Petro Poroshenko that take a big credit in this respect, "and his (Poroshenko – Ed.) achievements" are the foundation of the state and people."

Madzianovsky considers the "EU" "the most consistent modern political force in Ukraine, which has made more efforts to fulfil the age-old aspirations of Ukrainians" and bases its ideology "on eternal Christian values that are close to our people."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that according to the "cleric" of the UOC-KP, the head of the OCU, Epiphany Dumenko, forced the parishes to political agitation.

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