UOC Chancellor: We do not need war, we ask God and people for peace

Metropolitan Anthony at the opening of the People of Peace International Forum. Photo: Facebook page of Metropolitan Anthony

Metropolitan Anthony told why the International Forum "People of Peace" was convened and what the UOC prays for.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church does not ask for weapons to wage the war but asks God for peace,” said Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), Chancellor of the UOC, in his commentary on the results of his participation in the People of Peace Forum. The event was broadcast by the "First Cossack" channel.

His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony said in his speech that the Orthodox Church had initiated the International Forum "People of Peace" in order to provide a platform and enable people who have found themselves in distress due to the war in Donbass to speak again and realize the tragedy that has been destroying the fate of many families over the course of six years. “Politicians speak a lot, and, unfortunately, cannons also speak, but it is important to hear the voice of people,” the hierarch noted.

The Metropolitan shared that when he participated in the forum, he felt in the speech of the people who live in the front-line zone, a special language – a language dominated by words associated with hostilites. And this "language of war", unfortunately, is a part of their daily life.

Now we need to think about the future, Vladyka believes, and the future is our children. “After all, the war is much more difficult for children, because they still cannot explain what is happening. But they are already sick internally – they are war-sick. And this disease will leave its trace in the future. Therefore, we must protect them.

The hierarch of the UOC reiterated that "the Forum is called upon to realize, to really feel the pain of those people who suffer from the war and to tell politicians that it is time to end the war." It's time to show love for your country not with beautiful phrases but with actual care for people who, with their work and life, create the future of the country.

“The Ukrainian Orthodox Church as the Church of the Ukrainian people, empathizing with everything that is happening, once again made it possible to hear afflicted people in order to think about the implementation of those steps that can lead to long-term peace,” the Metropolitan emphasized. It is not about the temporary suspension of hostilities but the final establishment of peace in our country.

Vladyka Anthony also noted that "the main wealth of our native land and our Church is people." People who work for the good of their country and who are now also in distress because of the war. He expressed the hope that the work of Ukrainians for the benefit of their homeland will bring good results for a brighter future and noted that the Church loves and believes in her people.

“The Ukrainian Orthodox Church does not ask for the delivery of weapons to our country to continue this war. We ask God for mercy and peace. And we ask all people of good will to help us attain the peace of the Ukrainian land,” the hierarch concluded.

As the UOJ reported, on September 21, 2020, the International Forum "People of Peace" opened at the Sviatogorsk Lavra. The UOC Chancellor, Metropolitan Anthony, read out the Primate's Address to the Forum participants.

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