MP: Narrative of NSDC head against Church is a return to Poroshenko times

Vadim Novinsky. Photo: Novinsky

Aleksey Danilov cannot but understand that with his statement he incites sectarian enmity in society, Vadim Novinsky believes.

According to the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vadim Novinsky, the statement made by the NSDC Secretary Alexey Danilov the day before about “certain religious structures as instruments of anti-Ukrainian activity” returns to the anti-church propaganda of Petro Poroshenko’s times.

Danilov's statement, the parliamentarian believes, "made us doubt what time we live in and the irreversibility of the changes that came after the presidential elections in 2019."

“Mr. Danilov seems to be trying to return to the propaganda methods that were once exploited by Alexander Turchinov and Petro Poroshenko,” says a commentary posted on Vadim Novinsky's Facebook page. “True though, unlike Turchinov, Danilov does not openly attack the Ukrainian Orthodox Church but speaks of some ‘religious organizations’ that initiate conferences, forums and religious processions, being ‘an instrument of the hybrid war and the Russian world’. Danilov with his statement creates allusions and provocations," the MP upholds.

Novinsky stressed that Danilov cannot but understand that such rhetoric incites sectarian strife in society, "which, it would seem, subsided with the arrival of President Zelensky."

“According to the Constitution, the NSDC Secretary is a person that directly subordinates to the President. Did Mr. Danilov agree his statement with Vladimir Zelensky? Or does every secretary in our country think of himself as the Secretary General?" Vadim Novinsky wondered.

It will be reminded that expert Ruslan Bortnik believes that the statement of the NSDC Secretary Aleksey Danilov about the UOC can be regarded as an element of outright unprofessionalism, discrimination or political order, and "in any sound state, such narrative would lead to resignation."

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