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Since the beginning of the visit of the Patriarch of Alexandria to Cyprus, he has not celebrated a single Liturgy in the temples of the Cyprus Orthodox Church.

The Primate of the Alexandrian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa, who is making a week-long visit to Cyprus, was not invited to serve the liturgy in the temples of the Cyprus Church. As the Orthodox publicist, analyst and blogger Alexander Voznesensky wrote on his Facebook page, on the eve of his return to Egypt, the patriarch will serve Vespers in one of the monasteries, but he will not be there at the liturgy either.

“Theodore of Alexandria arrived on a week-long visit to Cyprus,” noted Voznesensky. “Within the framework of the scheduled meetings, there are a number of hierarchs of the Cyprus Church, as well as meetings with representatives of the Cypriot authorities. But! Interestingly, on September 18, Theodore leaves Cyprus and has not yet served a single liturgy, as far as I know from the clergy of the Cypriot Church."

In addition, it is indicated on the official website of the Church of Cyprus that on September 17, the Patriarch of Alexandria will serve Vespers at the monastery of the Tamasos Diocese, where the feast of its patron saint, Saint Heraclidius, will be celebrated. However, even there Patriarch Theodore will not take part in the Divine Liturgy, which was confirmed to Voznesensky by telephone from the clerics of the diocese.

“Here we are: the head of the Alexandrian Patriarchate is supposed to stay in Cyprus for a week, but he is not allowed to serve a single liturgy. It is more than likely that this is a response to the boorish act committed by Theodore during his last visit, when he commemorated the schismatics by deceit despite the requests of the host side not to do this,” suggested Alexander Voznesensky.

Note that on September 14, Patriarch Theodore concelebrated the Liturgy at the parish of Saint Savvas in Old Nicosia, which belongs to the Exarchate of the Alexandrian Patriarchate in Cyprus.

As reported by the UOJ, on November 12, 2019, at the patriarchal liturgy in Limassol, Cyprus, Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria commemorated the head of the OCU “Metropolitan” Epiphany, in violation of the agreement with the Cypriot bishops. After Patriarch Theodore made a mention of schismatic  Epiphany, he and the clergy were handed letters with the text: "Onuphry is a Metropolitan, Epiphany is a dissenter, Theodore is Judas."

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