Border guards deny access to Hasidim trying to enter Ukraine from Belarus

The head of the State Border Service personally came to the Hasidim at the border. Photo:

On the border with Belarus, Ukrainian border guards detained Jewish pilgrims on their way to Uman.

On September 14, Ukrainian border guards recorded a large number of Hasidim trying to enter Ukraine from Belarus, despite the official ban on entry due to COVID-19.

The website of the State Border Service reported that foreigners were not allowed to enter Ukraine, and they are located between the Ukrainian and Belarusian checkpoints.

The number of Hasidim who occupied the road forced to restrict the passage of transport and other people at the Novye Yarilovichi checkpoint.

Foreign pilgrims were denied entry on the basis of a general ban in effect until September 28 due to the coronavirus epidemic.

On the same day, the head of the Border Service Sergei Deineko arrived at the border to the Hasidim. The official called for respect for the laws of Ukraine that regulate border crossing and stressed that violators will be held accountable.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that the Hasidim who made a row at the tomb of Tzaddik Rabbi Nachman were expelled from Ukraine.

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