OCU "hierarch": There are many enemies of Ukrainian nation among population

Adrian Kulik (left) with Tomos and Petro Poroshenko. Photo: Zuma\TASS

Adrian Kulik believes that if the state’s body is Ukrainian, and the soul is alien, then this is a direct path to schizophrenia.

There are many outright enemies of the Ukrainian nation among the population of Ukraine. The "bishop" of the OCU Adrian Kulik said this on the air of the "Emigrant Radio" on Monday, September 14, 2020.

According to him, the very idea of the OCU formation is "an existential issue of the survival of our people".

“Look: the state is the body, and the Church is the soul. Therefore, if the body and soul are Ukrainian, then this is a normal, integral person,” said the representative of the OCU. “If the soul is someone else's – Russian or other people, and the body is Ukrainian – this is a direct path to schizophrenia.”

The “hierarch” accounted for a slowdown in the process of “transfers” to the OCU from the UOC by the mentality of Ukrainians, who “have been brought up for generations that Ukrainian is bad, all good, grace is from Moscow or somewhere else” ... Because of these imposed patterns, "people are very difficult to convince," nevertheless, Kulik is hopeful that the people will grow wiser and gain wisdom, since, for example, in the presidential elections 2019, he received a "fool shot".

“They (UOC – Ed.) want to revive the empire, and the Church, accordingly, also serves to restore this empire. This is a religious front, the struggle is going on in all directions. <...> Unfortunately, we have a lot of outright enemies of the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian nation among our population," the OCU "bishop" stressed.

As reported, Adrian Kulik announced the soonest recognition of the OCU by the Orthodox Church of Antioch.

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