Neopagans to build a "temple" near Lutsk

08 September 2020 12:26
A A "temple" of RUN-faith adherents in the Kirovohrad region. Photo:

The Lutsk organization of RUN-faith adherents has received permission to build a neo-pagan "temple".

The Lutsk Regional Department of Urban Planning has defined the conditions for the design of the "temple", ordered by a religious organization of RUN-faith followers, reports the website VolynOnline.

Neopagans were allowed to build a structure of up to 18 meters high.

Followers of the "Native Ukrainian National Faith" (RUN) plan to build their "temple" in the village of Zmiinets. Previously, they requested for a land plot for construction in Lutsk itself.

RUN-faith is a neo-pagan religious movement in native faith, declaring a return to pre-Christian cults.

The organization was founded after the Second World War by Leо Silenko in the Ukrainian diaspora. The first RUN faith community was registered in Chicago in 1966.

As reported, the Russian Orthodox Church has launched a project to expose neo-pagan propaganda among young people.

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