Greek hierarch to Konanos: Your allusions towards hierarchy are offensive

Metropolitan Makarios and Andreas Konanos. Photo:

Metropolitan Makarios of Sidirokastro reminded Andreas Konanos that it is not possible and not an easy thing to give up the priestly rank.

Metropolitan Makarios of Sidirokastro of the Greek Orthodox Church addressed the former GOC cleric Andreas Konanos with a message.

“I am addressing you as a priest, referring to your church rank, despite the fact that you would wish to hear the opposite and you made a hasty decision to get rid of your cassock you are bored with. Whether you like it or not, you will not cease to be a priest until your death,” Romfea reports his words. “The priestly ordinance has left an indelible mark on your soul, and it cannot be erased from your life.”

His Eminence drew attention to the fact that Andreas Konanos left his spiritual children without the Divine Liturgy, without spiritual guidance, and for this he would have to answer. At the same time, for some reason he allows inexplicable attacks on the clergy.

“Your Reverend, if I got you right, in your address you are making some insulting allusions to your hierarchy, that is, the sacred Athenian Archdiocese,” wrote the hierarch. “What for? For everyone to think of them with suspicion? However, you and some other clergy in the place of your ministry are not subordinate to any bishop and you are loaded with favors, on top of that. Who dares touch the hair from your head? "

Metropolitan Makarios believes that Andreas Konanos used to be a great and outstanding theologian, who himself belittled his name.

As reported by the UOJ, according to Andreas Konanos, he did not divorce Christ but divorced a specific organization.

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