GUR “does not confirm” ROC-aided transfer of seized Ukrainians to Hungary

09 June 14:32
Andriy Yusov. Photo: RBC Andriy Yusov. Photo: RBC

The Ministry of Defense has no data on the transfer of captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Hungary.

The representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov, told RBC-Ukraine that "there is no official confirmation of these data at the moment."

“As of now, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not confirm this information. In addition, our Foreign Ministry contacted the Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary for Religious Affairs, Zsolt Semjén. Its government, as of now, also does not confirm the information posted on the ROC website,” Yusov noted and added that international structures, in particular the Red Cross Committee, do not confirm the information of the ROC.

Yusov said that most of the Ukrainian soldiers in captivity today consider themselves Orthodox.

“And we hope and insist that there should be equal treatment of all prisoners of war, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic or regional origin. Actually, it is precisely such a civilized approach that Ukraine demonstrates today in pursuance of international humanitarian law,” summed up the GUR representative.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Russian Orthodox Church reported on the participation in the transfer of captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Hungary.

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