Uniate hierarch calls JFO soldiers new martyrs

31 August 2020 17:31
UGCC Bishop Stepan Sus. Photo: news.ugcc.ua UGCC Bishop Stepan Sus. Photo: news.ugcc.ua

One should not be afraid to sacrifice oneself out of love for God and neighbours for “something important that goes beyond life and death,” emphasized UGCC hierarch.

The head of the Pastoral and Migration Department of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), Bishop Stepan Sus, spoke about the sacrifice of Ukrainian soldiers taking part in military activities in Eastern Ukraine, calling them "new martyrs", reports the UGCC Information Department.

In his sermon in the capital's Resurrection Cathedral of the UGCC, the Uniate hierarch urged his flock to be sacrificial and explained that sacrificing oneself is "not being afraid to just love more than life requires".

“There are many sacrificial people around us who quietly and tirelessly do good,” he said. “Believe me, many soldiers are praying with us in the trenches in the East of Ukraine. They will never say that they are performing a feat, something special. Often, they just say that they are "doing their job", but this is a great sacrifice and self-sacrifice."

According to him, being sacrificial is the same as being the hands of God in this world.

“Let's take a look at the life of our new martyrs, heroes of Ukraine. Their life is the answer to the evangelical youth when he asked what good should be done in order to have eternal life. We should not be afraid to sacrifice ourselves, to give ourselves out of love for God and our neighbours to something important that goes beyond life and death. Don't be afraid to be sacrificial, make an effort, and do more than life and its circumstances sometimes require. <...> The world needs sacrificial people in all spheres because they are the people who do not just do something, but live according to their hearts," the bishop of the UGCC stressed.

As reported, earlier the "UPA Trinity” was depicted on the pediment of the Uniate Church of Truskavets.

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